Yes, the Event Ministry Trailer has arrived and ready to roll.  Reserve the trailer for your next ministry event.... It is stocked with supplies and ready for use.  
Reserving the trailer will be on a first come basis. Call Administrative Assistant

Frances Garcia at 209-476-9235 for available dates.  

Once your date is confirmed you will receive Use Fee/Deposit fee information and required registration forms.

What you need to know

  •  Truck with trailer hitch with 2" ball 
  •  Key to gate is with Dr. Campbell 
  •  Confirmed Reservation
  •  Valid Drivers License
  •  Proof of insurance coverage for person hauling trailer as follows:

      -Insurance declaration page stating:

          $100,000 Bodily injury

          $300,000 Accident

          $100,000 Property

This is made possible through your church's generous giving to the Delta Valley Baptist Association.

*  Small group video driven series

Visit to see what is available. The password to access the videos is available by contacting Dr. Campbell (575-430-4445) or Frances (209-476-9235).  With access, you can send the videos to a selected group so they can watch them at home on computer or on TV (like Netflix). You can even print out discussion guides for group meetings.

This is made possible through your church's generous giving to the Delta Valley Baptist Association.


*Evangelistic outreach grants through the California Baptist Foundation

What would you do to reach the unsaved/unchurched around you if you had the money to do it?

As a contributing partner with Delta Valley Baptist Association and the California Southern Baptist Convention, your church is eligible to apply for a grant to fund your evangelistic outreach efforts. You will need an outreach plan and account for the funds requested, but sizeable grants are available. 

Contact the California Baptist Foundation at or call 559-322-1001 for details.

*Facility upgrade grants

- When a small church in Ohio needed a kitchen, needed to pave a small parking lot, needed to put in a central air conditioning unit, they were able to do so because of a grant from Texas based Oldham Little Church foundation.

Visit for details.  

-Grants are also available through California Southern Baptist Convention for contributing partner churches. One Delta Valley Association church recently received $10,000 to assist with renovation costs. Contact Tony Ahaev at the California Southern Baptist Convention for details: email or 559-229-9533 ext. 239