Count the Cost Information

Existing Church


Please provide the following information and send it to your CSBC contact, or, or mail to Count the Cost, 678 E. Shaw Ave, Fresno CA 93710.

Church Name__________________________         Church City ___________________

Contact Person: Name _______________    Email ______________________________

Address ______________________________      Phone _______________________

1.         Church Budget – Budget and giving for the previous full calendar year as well as a current year budget; send complete copies to CSBC via email or mail

2.         Average Worship Attendance: 2018 ___________ 2019 _________________


3.         Total Staff Compensation – Estimated annual salary and benefits for all staff: 

4.         Worship Space – The maximum seating in the worship facility

5.         Total Undesignated Giving – Amount annually given (tithes and offerings only, do not include outside income): 2018

6.         Other Regular Income – this would include renters, cell towers, or endowments that are included in your annual budget:  2018  

7.         Current Cost for Facilities – Estimate total annual amount including utilities, office, storage, insurance, repair, mortgage payment, etc.  2018    

8.         SBC Missions – Amount sent to the local association and to the Cooperative Program in 2018.

Association _________   Cooperative Program ______ Other Missions _________ 

9.         Five-year Attendance Estimate – Where do you see church attendance realistically in five years? Enter Five Year Goal here.


10.     Please include a short (½ to 1 page) summary of your current church situation as a separate file or email.